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Today after i went on a shopping spree with a friend of mine, i spent a lot of the time searching for hatsune miku pics, i now have 337… yes quite an obsession i have, anyhoo i came across this.


I found these utterly hilarious, then i stopped to think and i couldnt tell if they were:

B-female underwear
C-male underwear

Your thoughts on the answer would be much appreciated ^_^ lol.

Now we go to my next thought, would my obsession for hatsune miku make me consider wearing a pair of above underpaints?
If they had a pair in a style etc that i like i would most likely buy it lol cause its cute 😐 lol, but where i would wear it ?



^Above picture was me pretending to be a robot. (and yes I’m wearing underwear on my head, sleepy from the seven dwarves to be precise.)


(Nerdy me in my glasses, that i need to read)

So yes now you know the extremes that i can go too when i get bored . And so yes I would probably Buy the underpants. lol.

oh and when i get even more bored, i decided to go ahead and do this:


What is this you may ask? well I’ve always wanted to make my own trading card, and after i took the pantsu headshots, and came back from my shopping trip i thought of the anime-planet forum club/group thingy i became a member of – ISSUP – International Soceity Of Pervertedness (the site is currently down and i probably have the name wrong gah!)
and decided to make my first card with the help of a pokemon card i created ^^ my creation above.

This was originally only going to be a post about Miku Pantsu… but i got carried away *sigh*

Edit – hehe I just read on Mainichi that it is national underwear day today in Brazil, so this article seems rather apropriate lol.

I’ll be off now, leaving you with my new favourite miku image!

-Kate xo



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