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Yuri Manga


I was checking through the headlines of Mainichi and came across this, an interesting article that had me giggling on various parts on the yuri manga market scale.

There’s little lily-white about yuri, the Japanese word for “lily” and the name given to the steamy genre of comics now generating plenty of heat among manga fans, according to Cyzo (March).Yuri comics are all tales of lesbian love, and the Sapphic sister stories appear to be touching a nerve as the lily market stabilizes.

Symbolizing the growth of the genre is the recent creation of Comic Yuri Hime, Japan’s first magazine devoted entirely to manga about women in love with each other.

“Actually, sales of the comic are no better than its (defunct) predecessor ‘Yuri Shimai’ (which also featured other types of manga), but it has been three years since the yuri genre emerged and sales are stable. Yuri comics can survive as a standalone genre, so we decided to create a magazine with yuri stories only,” Seitaro Nakamura, editor in chief of Comic Yuri Hime, tells Cyzo.

Even though more and more manga stores are setting aside corners devoted to the women’s love genre, it still may not be the dominant market force some expect it to be. Nakamura says the future success of yuri depends on how well its stories of romantic romps between girls can attract male readers.

“It hinges on whether we can come up with another “Maria Sama ga Miteiru” (a tale of lovers at a girl’s school where a student has visions of the Virgin Mary). That was famous because a lot of guys read it. Our magazine’s readership is actually 30 percent male,” Nakamura tells Cyzo.

“Women are said to be so into Boy’s Love comics because they’re stories of romance between men in relationships of equality. In this day and age where women are probably the stronger sex, I think there are a lot of guys who have doubts about society’s requirement for them to be manly. I think maybe these guys get some sort of therapeutic healing from the world of yuri, where they can look into the fantasy world of equal standing love between two women.” (By Ryann Connell)

So any thoughts?



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Rozen Maiden ep1


(I’ve just edited it so that now if you click you get the bigger images!)

I’ve been meaning to watch this for a while and i didnt really have a series i was watching at the moment with supernatural element so i decided to start watching Rozen Maiden.

This episode was quite funny when Jun an ordinary boy who has taken to locking himself up in his room and ordering various supernatural things online, but always returns them. then one day he gets a letter which says if he agrees to place the letter in his desk draw a supernatural liasion will take it to the spirtual world. He does so not expecting what he has just agreed too.


Then after a fight with his sister who is trying to get him to go to school, a mysterious box arrives.


And then he mets Shinku!  Rozen Maiden.

This episode is filled with fun, from killer clowns, to fighting toys, the unpredictable mood swings of a girl Doll to Jun’s own mood swings. You wouldn’t regret seeing this episode, the animation is great and the characters seem like they will entertain you throughout the whole series.

Heres some more pictures.

incorrect.jpg ithasbegun1.jpg
jun.jpg killerclown1.jpg
rude1.jpg swearing-alligence.jpg

So there you have it the first episode of Rozen Maiden.


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I’m currently watching a lot of anime, so what do i do I start a new series lol, i was just browsing through anime-planet when Okusama wa Joshikousi takes my interest, i pondered for a while, like a dog deciding to eat a bone then practically leapt at it.


Asami Onohara is a typical seventeen-year-old high school girl – except for the fact that she’s married to her physics teacher, Kyousuke Ichimaru. Since a relationship between a teacher and student is inappropriate, the two must hide their status from the world; in fact, the two have not yet consummated their marriage. As their everyday lives continue, new obstacles to their love present themselves daily. Can the two keep their secret safe, and will Kyousuke ever show his affection for Asami? (summary from anime-planet)


The first episode was sweet, but had me laughing at Asami’s erotic fantasies of getting her husband in bed (well the above picture she has him in bed but i think you know what i mean.) First i thought that there marriage was arranged, but then proved wrong by her father stating he was against it, which keeps you thinking, and laughing.

All up i thought that it was pretty good, it has me wanting to watch more because the animation isnt all that bad and its entertaining.


Asami decides to try to seduce her husband.


But alas, an unexpected vistor drops by, Asami’s Father aparently comes at the most inconvenient times. He also stops by to call Dana, consistantly that he’s a teacher-pervert and to remind of their contract that they are not to ‘validate’ their marriage until after Asami graduates.

Alot more interesting events happen in this episode, including love letters from mysterious people.


I’m looking forward to watching the rest of this series! should be highly entertaining.

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aoi yori aoshi

I’ve been interested in Visual-Novels for a long time now but i decided to do some more research on them today, after finding out about all the different genres i stumbled upon this site which has some translated english demos, so i thought i would try one out.

So Aoi Yori Aoshi, i didnt particularly love it but it was funny, its made me intrigued into finding the best visual-novel for me and has given me yet another reason to hurry up and learn japanese…. gah so hard lol.

but anyway heres some pictures for you all.

aoi yori aoshi

it all started with a tantrum when someone wanted to go to the beach even though its winter.

aoi yori aoshi

then someone else wanted to go too.

aoi yori aoshi

i could say a lot to that statement.


but the aoi can to save the day with an offer of tea..

aoi yori aoshi

but then a proposition was made

aoi yori aoshi

and everyone was happy!

well there you have it, my first experience with a visual-novel lol.

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