I was looking over Mainichi Daily news when this article caught my eye.

Schoolgirl grabs second chance to snatch molester
KITAKYUSHU — A schoolgirl grasped her second chance to catch a man who molested her when he boarded the same train as her again later the same day, police said.

Kazuyuki Oshibuchi, 57, unemployed of Kitakyushu, was arrested for indecently assaulting a 17-year-old high school girl. He admits to the allegations.

Police said that Oshibuchi groped the girl as they neared Space World Station on the JR Kagoshima Line shortly after midday on Wednesday.

Police said the schoolgirl grabbed Oshibuchi’s hand and planned to take him to authorities, but the man broke away, got out of the train at Kyushu Kodaimae Station and appeared to have made good his escape. The schoolgirl neither told concerned passengers what had happened nor reported the incident to the police.

But, about three hours after her ordeal, the schoolgirl boarded a train at Kokura Station. When the train stopped at Kyushu Kodaimae Station, Oshibuchi got on the same carriage as she was riding in and stood a short distance away from her. The schoolgirl and Oshibuchi recognized each other and both gave a startled gasp. This time, the girl acted quickly, grabbing Oshibuchi by his clothes, dragging him off the train at Edamitsu Station and handing him over to a station attendant.

I think this was great, good for her to catch a guy for doing something like that.


Sos Brigade Figures!


Everyone probably already knows all about them, but i just had to post it here as my first figure post.
I found this at Danny-choo’s website (you can find the link —-> in the side bar)

I love these figures, and would love to try and get my hands on them, a lot of fan girls will be very happy, not to mention the fanboys.

Although, yes I am a girl, and yes I like boys, I love Yuki Nagato, and although i havent got a figure of her yet, I’m saving up money to do so!

Well i thought these figures looked great! i hope you do too.


Your probably wondering why i dont watch and review these in a bulk load, well its because i only can d/l a certain amount a day because i share the internet with my mum and brother. So therefore I’ll be reviewing episode after episode or even a couple at a time.

Anyway I got my first comment yay, Thanks Optical I hope that you like this series as much as I’m enjoying it!

Well I’ve found that although Okusama is probably directed to the male audiences, hence the perverted scenes, girls will highly enjoy it also, theres romance, sweet scenes, and comedy in it enough for all, episode 2 had its hilarious sides and its serious side.

It started off with their school fair, and Asami’s class were working in the cafeteria wearing ridiculously short maid outfits, which to say the least she wasn’t really happy with wearing it, afraid that her dana-sama would see her like this.


I dont think Dana-sama really did mind the outfits, but he didn’t like it when his fellow colleage (gah i can’t spell today) appreciated his wifes form.



There were so many funny parts in this episode, I wont tell you all about them because I dont want to spoil it all for you!
But once again Asami’s father decides to come and check up on his daughter, and after Dana-sama trys to warn Asami she falls on him, and it looks rather suggestive and Daddy is not happy lol.


In other words, all hell breaks loose.

here are some more screen shots, I finally mastered it lol just click to enlarge, i’ll have to go fix all the others later.

ep2-danasama.jpg ep2-hide.jpg
ep2-ohno.jpg ep2-tenis.jpg

A new member of the family was introduced in this episode – Kuri, the kitten.
And this is the serious side to this episode, which you’ll have to watch to find out why. ”


Rozen Maiden ep1


(I’ve just edited it so that now if you click you get the bigger images!)

I’ve been meaning to watch this for a while and i didnt really have a series i was watching at the moment with supernatural element so i decided to start watching Rozen Maiden.

This episode was quite funny when Jun an ordinary boy who has taken to locking himself up in his room and ordering various supernatural things online, but always returns them. then one day he gets a letter which says if he agrees to place the letter in his desk draw a supernatural liasion will take it to the spirtual world. He does so not expecting what he has just agreed too.


Then after a fight with his sister who is trying to get him to go to school, a mysterious box arrives.


And then he mets Shinku!  Rozen Maiden.

This episode is filled with fun, from killer clowns, to fighting toys, the unpredictable mood swings of a girl Doll to Jun’s own mood swings. You wouldn’t regret seeing this episode, the animation is great and the characters seem like they will entertain you throughout the whole series.

Heres some more pictures.

incorrect.jpg ithasbegun1.jpg
jun.jpg killerclown1.jpg
rude1.jpg swearing-alligence.jpg

So there you have it the first episode of Rozen Maiden.



I’m currently watching a lot of anime, so what do i do I start a new series lol, i was just browsing through anime-planet when Okusama wa Joshikousi takes my interest, i pondered for a while, like a dog deciding to eat a bone then practically leapt at it.


Asami Onohara is a typical seventeen-year-old high school girl – except for the fact that she’s married to her physics teacher, Kyousuke Ichimaru. Since a relationship between a teacher and student is inappropriate, the two must hide their status from the world; in fact, the two have not yet consummated their marriage. As their everyday lives continue, new obstacles to their love present themselves daily. Can the two keep their secret safe, and will Kyousuke ever show his affection for Asami? (summary from anime-planet)


The first episode was sweet, but had me laughing at Asami’s erotic fantasies of getting her husband in bed (well the above picture she has him in bed but i think you know what i mean.) First i thought that there marriage was arranged, but then proved wrong by her father stating he was against it, which keeps you thinking, and laughing.

All up i thought that it was pretty good, it has me wanting to watch more because the animation isnt all that bad and its entertaining.


Asami decides to try to seduce her husband.


But alas, an unexpected vistor drops by, Asami’s Father aparently comes at the most inconvenient times. He also stops by to call Dana, consistantly that he’s a teacher-pervert and to remind of their contract that they are not to ‘validate’ their marriage until after Asami graduates.

Alot more interesting events happen in this episode, including love letters from mysterious people.


I’m looking forward to watching the rest of this series! should be highly entertaining.

Foreigners Play Ninja


I found this article here at Mainichi Daily news! and thought i would share it with you all, i had a little giggle. here a some snippets.

TOKYO (AP) — His head wrapped in cloth and wearing black head-to-toe, Michael Studte throws darts, turns summersaults and twirls lassos in a ninja class for foreign tourists in Japan.

“It didn’t seem quite like the normal touristy showy sort of thing,” the 40-year-old information-technology engineer from Perth, Australia, said Wednesday, a little breathless after pushing down a mock opponent.

Foreign visitors have always flocked to old tourist spots in Japan like Kyoto, the Sapporo Snow Festival, hot-springs baths and Mount Fuji.

But these days, they’re also checking out new offbeat ways to experience Japan like ninja classes, a geeky pop culture in Tokyo’s Akihabara gadget district and animation museums displaying manga, or Japanese-style cartoons.

The visitors at the 15,000 yen (US$139) ninja class said they had seen ninja in samurai movies, manga and the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” and wanted to try it out.

The travel agency that set up the 2 1/2 hour ninja class, H.I.S. Experience Japan Co., also offers make-your-own-sushi workshops, “taiko” drumming classes, a visit with sumo wrestlers and sake tasting.

Ninja master Masayuki Waki, 49, who was teaching newcomers the art of fleeing grabs and choke holds, acknowledged foreigners were more interested in spirituality and other things Japanese than are most Japanese.

“They are so dedicated,” he said. “People abroad are far more drawn to the sensibilities of survival than are Japanese, who tend to take comforts for granted.”

Jason Chan, 28, an information-technology business analyst from London, who has also visited Spain, Germany and Hong Kong, said he had fun playing ninja.

“I watched the movies, and ninjas are always the ones that get away,” he said. “Generally it’s a misconception that traveling in Japan is really expensive. I actually find it pretty reasonable compared to everywhere else.”

With this said no one should forget the power of ninja, especially if their green and have a shell on their back! (i love the ninja turtles) i think it would be great fun to just try out to be a ninja, i definately would be horrible at it because I’m te biggest klutz! i would probably end up on my ass most of the time, but hey its all in the name of fun, right!


Myself;Yourself is a great anime, its slice of life, romance and drama filled to the brim. well theres a ton of drama in episode eight anyway.

We finally learn a bit about the tragedy in Nanaka’s past, and learn about a secret mail box between Sana and Nanaka… and yes a tinge of feelings were let out in this episode which had me thinking finally!


The above pictures had me laughing out loud, In the first one Syuri was telling Sana that he should look after himself more properly then broke out in song, about cake and rice which had me thinking for a moment there if the translators had it right. Then Sana is thinking deep thoughts then suddenly needs to blow his nose, he sits up – aims, fires… and misses… Fail!

Before we go into the more serious drama filled parts of this episode I’ll share with you another funny part, when Aoi once again walks in on something sus… that isn’t so sus.


oh no not hentai!!


poor aoi-chan she really needs to learn to knock first.

This episode was really sweet going from childhood memories, forgotten promises to new promises, there was rather a lot of good quotes in this episode although it would probably ruin it for others for me to mention them.


I loved this it was so adorable! especially a little nanaka and sana!

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

You can click the images if you want to enlarge them to the orginal size ^_^ another screen shot that had my inner fangirl squealing, well maybe not squealing, sighing would be the proper word. heres a nice big hug… nanaka and sana style.