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I’ve moved to – http://nomadicwriter-kate.blogspot.com/
Because it allows more HTML.


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Okay, I’ve been putting this article off, because I don’t know much about it, probably because its new.
Its a new eroge game out in japan, just realeased, After seeing a figure on Danny-choo, and viewing the opening of the eroge, I went on to the toheart2 japanese website were you can hear a same of a characters voice, I was in love, the graphics were awesome, which is probably the main reason i want this lol.

Gah, I need to start learning japanese! so i can play all these awesome Visual novels… of all genres!

So I’ll guess I’ll have to hunt down some pictures, I’ve found 2 so far of Silfa, who is a robot.



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Today after i went on a shopping spree with a friend of mine, i spent a lot of the time searching for hatsune miku pics, i now have 337… yes quite an obsession i have, anyhoo i came across this.


I found these utterly hilarious, then i stopped to think and i couldnt tell if they were:

B-female underwear
C-male underwear

Your thoughts on the answer would be much appreciated ^_^ lol.

Now we go to my next thought, would my obsession for hatsune miku make me consider wearing a pair of above underpaints?
If they had a pair in a style etc that i like i would most likely buy it lol cause its cute 😐 lol, but where i would wear it ?



^Above picture was me pretending to be a robot. (and yes I’m wearing underwear on my head, sleepy from the seven dwarves to be precise.)


(Nerdy me in my glasses, that i need to read)

So yes now you know the extremes that i can go too when i get bored . And so yes I would probably Buy the underpants. lol.

oh and when i get even more bored, i decided to go ahead and do this:


What is this you may ask? well I’ve always wanted to make my own trading card, and after i took the pantsu headshots, and came back from my shopping trip i thought of the anime-planet forum club/group thingy i became a member of – ISSUP – International Soceity Of Pervertedness (the site is currently down and i probably have the name wrong gah!)
and decided to make my first card with the help of a pokemon card i created ^^ my creation above.

This was originally only going to be a post about Miku Pantsu… but i got carried away *sigh*

Edit – hehe I just read on Mainichi that it is national underwear day today in Brazil, so this article seems rather apropriate lol.

I’ll be off now, leaving you with my new favourite miku image!

-Kate xo


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aoi yori aoshi

I’ve been interested in Visual-Novels for a long time now but i decided to do some more research on them today, after finding out about all the different genres i stumbled upon this site which has some translated english demos, so i thought i would try one out.

So Aoi Yori Aoshi, i didnt particularly love it but it was funny, its made me intrigued into finding the best visual-novel for me and has given me yet another reason to hurry up and learn japanese…. gah so hard lol.

but anyway heres some pictures for you all.

aoi yori aoshi

it all started with a tantrum when someone wanted to go to the beach even though its winter.

aoi yori aoshi

then someone else wanted to go too.

aoi yori aoshi

i could say a lot to that statement.


but the aoi can to save the day with an offer of tea..

aoi yori aoshi

but then a proposition was made

aoi yori aoshi

and everyone was happy!

well there you have it, my first experience with a visual-novel lol.

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Another Otaku has decided to create a blog about anime, manga, figures and all things Japanese! and probably occasionally other things!
I may not be an expert Otaku, but i thought that it would be fun to blog about the things i love. I’ll also be putting all the wallpapers etc that i make.

Heres some basics about me; My names Kate, I’m 18, just finished school.
I’m 6’1, blue eyes and have black/red hair.
Other than anime, manga, figures, japan etc i love to read, write, photography and photoshop.
I lately have started watching Haruhi and now have an obsession with Yuki Nagato (hence my header)

I also have a thing for bubblegum ice-cream, chocolate, musk lollies and minties.

The Current Manga I’m reading are:
Vampire Knight
Yuara no Tsuki
Trinity Blood
From far Away
Shrine of the morning mist
High school of the dead
and Ga-rei.

*takes a deep breath* okay the current anime I’m watching.. the list is long (i like to many genres) are:
Blood+ ep35
Last Exile ep4
Darker than Black ep6
Fushigi Yugi ep31
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya ep8
Myself; Yourself ep7
Orphen ep7
Shugo Chara ep15
Sugar Sugar Rune ep30
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge ep16
Gantz ep4
Marmelade Boy ep30
Magic Knight Rayearth ep25
Ghost in the Shel SAC ep5
Chobits ep6
Noir ep5
Ayashi no Ceres ep7

so look forward to reviews in the future when i watch more episodes.


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