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I was checking through the headlines of Mainichi and came across this, an interesting article that had me giggling on various parts on the yuri manga market scale.

There’s little lily-white about yuri, the Japanese word for “lily” and the name given to the steamy genre of comics now generating plenty of heat among manga fans, according to Cyzo (March).Yuri comics are all tales of lesbian love, and the Sapphic sister stories appear to be touching a nerve as the lily market stabilizes.

Symbolizing the growth of the genre is the recent creation of Comic Yuri Hime, Japan’s first magazine devoted entirely to manga about women in love with each other.

“Actually, sales of the comic are no better than its (defunct) predecessor ‘Yuri Shimai’ (which also featured other types of manga), but it has been three years since the yuri genre emerged and sales are stable. Yuri comics can survive as a standalone genre, so we decided to create a magazine with yuri stories only,” Seitaro Nakamura, editor in chief of Comic Yuri Hime, tells Cyzo.

Even though more and more manga stores are setting aside corners devoted to the women’s love genre, it still may not be the dominant market force some expect it to be. Nakamura says the future success of yuri depends on how well its stories of romantic romps between girls can attract male readers.

“It hinges on whether we can come up with another “Maria Sama ga Miteiru” (a tale of lovers at a girl’s school where a student has visions of the Virgin Mary). That was famous because a lot of guys read it. Our magazine’s readership is actually 30 percent male,” Nakamura tells Cyzo.

“Women are said to be so into Boy’s Love comics because they’re stories of romance between men in relationships of equality. In this day and age where women are probably the stronger sex, I think there are a lot of guys who have doubts about society’s requirement for them to be manly. I think maybe these guys get some sort of therapeutic healing from the world of yuri, where they can look into the fantasy world of equal standing love between two women.” (By Ryann Connell)

So any thoughts?



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I was looking over Mainichi Daily news when this article caught my eye.

Schoolgirl grabs second chance to snatch molester
KITAKYUSHU — A schoolgirl grasped her second chance to catch a man who molested her when he boarded the same train as her again later the same day, police said.

Kazuyuki Oshibuchi, 57, unemployed of Kitakyushu, was arrested for indecently assaulting a 17-year-old high school girl. He admits to the allegations.

Police said that Oshibuchi groped the girl as they neared Space World Station on the JR Kagoshima Line shortly after midday on Wednesday.

Police said the schoolgirl grabbed Oshibuchi’s hand and planned to take him to authorities, but the man broke away, got out of the train at Kyushu Kodaimae Station and appeared to have made good his escape. The schoolgirl neither told concerned passengers what had happened nor reported the incident to the police.

But, about three hours after her ordeal, the schoolgirl boarded a train at Kokura Station. When the train stopped at Kyushu Kodaimae Station, Oshibuchi got on the same carriage as she was riding in and stood a short distance away from her. The schoolgirl and Oshibuchi recognized each other and both gave a startled gasp. This time, the girl acted quickly, grabbing Oshibuchi by his clothes, dragging him off the train at Edamitsu Station and handing him over to a station attendant.

I think this was great, good for her to catch a guy for doing something like that.

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I found this article here at Mainichi Daily news! and thought i would share it with you all, i had a little giggle. here a some snippets.

TOKYO (AP) — His head wrapped in cloth and wearing black head-to-toe, Michael Studte throws darts, turns summersaults and twirls lassos in a ninja class for foreign tourists in Japan.

“It didn’t seem quite like the normal touristy showy sort of thing,” the 40-year-old information-technology engineer from Perth, Australia, said Wednesday, a little breathless after pushing down a mock opponent.

Foreign visitors have always flocked to old tourist spots in Japan like Kyoto, the Sapporo Snow Festival, hot-springs baths and Mount Fuji.

But these days, they’re also checking out new offbeat ways to experience Japan like ninja classes, a geeky pop culture in Tokyo’s Akihabara gadget district and animation museums displaying manga, or Japanese-style cartoons.

The visitors at the 15,000 yen (US$139) ninja class said they had seen ninja in samurai movies, manga and the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” and wanted to try it out.

The travel agency that set up the 2 1/2 hour ninja class, H.I.S. Experience Japan Co., also offers make-your-own-sushi workshops, “taiko” drumming classes, a visit with sumo wrestlers and sake tasting.

Ninja master Masayuki Waki, 49, who was teaching newcomers the art of fleeing grabs and choke holds, acknowledged foreigners were more interested in spirituality and other things Japanese than are most Japanese.

“They are so dedicated,” he said. “People abroad are far more drawn to the sensibilities of survival than are Japanese, who tend to take comforts for granted.”

Jason Chan, 28, an information-technology business analyst from London, who has also visited Spain, Germany and Hong Kong, said he had fun playing ninja.

“I watched the movies, and ninjas are always the ones that get away,” he said. “Generally it’s a misconception that traveling in Japan is really expensive. I actually find it pretty reasonable compared to everywhere else.”

With this said no one should forget the power of ninja, especially if their green and have a shell on their back! (i love the ninja turtles) i think it would be great fun to just try out to be a ninja, i definately would be horrible at it because I’m te biggest klutz! i would probably end up on my ass most of the time, but hey its all in the name of fun, right!

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