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Rozen Maiden ep1


(I’ve just edited it so that now if you click you get the bigger images!)

I’ve been meaning to watch this for a while and i didnt really have a series i was watching at the moment with supernatural element so i decided to start watching Rozen Maiden.

This episode was quite funny when Jun an ordinary boy who has taken to locking himself up in his room and ordering various supernatural things online, but always returns them. then one day he gets a letter which says if he agrees to place the letter in his desk draw a supernatural liasion will take it to the spirtual world. He does so not expecting what he has just agreed too.


Then after a fight with his sister who is trying to get him to go to school, a mysterious box arrives.


And then he mets Shinku!  Rozen Maiden.

This episode is filled with fun, from killer clowns, to fighting toys, the unpredictable mood swings of a girl Doll to Jun’s own mood swings. You wouldn’t regret seeing this episode, the animation is great and the characters seem like they will entertain you throughout the whole series.

Heres some more pictures.

incorrect.jpg ithasbegun1.jpg
jun.jpg killerclown1.jpg
rude1.jpg swearing-alligence.jpg

So there you have it the first episode of Rozen Maiden.



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