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ToHeart2 : Another Days


Okay, I’ve been putting this article off, because I don’t know much about it, probably because its new.
Its a new eroge game out in japan, just realeased, After seeing a figure on Danny-choo, and viewing the opening of the eroge, I went on to the toheart2 japanese website were you can hear a same of a characters voice, I was in love, the graphics were awesome, which is probably the main reason i want this lol.

Gah, I need to start learning japanese! so i can play all these awesome Visual novels… of all genres!

So I’ll guess I’ll have to hunt down some pictures, I’ve found 2 so far of Silfa, who is a robot.




Today after i went on a shopping spree with a friend of mine, i spent a lot of the time searching for hatsune miku pics, i now have 337… yes quite an obsession i have, anyhoo i came across this.


I found these utterly hilarious, then i stopped to think and i couldnt tell if they were:

B-female underwear
C-male underwear

Your thoughts on the answer would be much appreciated ^_^ lol.

Now we go to my next thought, would my obsession for hatsune miku make me consider wearing a pair of above underpaints?
If they had a pair in a style etc that i like i would most likely buy it lol cause its cute 😐 lol, but where i would wear it ?



^Above picture was me pretending to be a robot. (and yes I’m wearing underwear on my head, sleepy from the seven dwarves to be precise.)


(Nerdy me in my glasses, that i need to read)

So yes now you know the extremes that i can go too when i get bored . And so yes I would probably Buy the underpants. lol.

oh and when i get even more bored, i decided to go ahead and do this:


What is this you may ask? well I’ve always wanted to make my own trading card, and after i took the pantsu headshots, and came back from my shopping trip i thought of the anime-planet forum club/group thingy i became a member of – ISSUP – International Soceity Of Pervertedness (the site is currently down and i probably have the name wrong gah!)
and decided to make my first card with the help of a pokemon card i created ^^ my creation above.

This was originally only going to be a post about Miku Pantsu… but i got carried away *sigh*

Edit – hehe I just read on Mainichi that it is national underwear day today in Brazil, so this article seems rather apropriate lol.

I’ll be off now, leaving you with my new favourite miku image!

-Kate xo


Yuri Manga


I was checking through the headlines of Mainichi and came across this, an interesting article that had me giggling on various parts on the yuri manga market scale.

There’s little lily-white about yuri, the Japanese word for “lily” and the name given to the steamy genre of comics now generating plenty of heat among manga fans, according to Cyzo (March).Yuri comics are all tales of lesbian love, and the Sapphic sister stories appear to be touching a nerve as the lily market stabilizes.

Symbolizing the growth of the genre is the recent creation of Comic Yuri Hime, Japan’s first magazine devoted entirely to manga about women in love with each other.

“Actually, sales of the comic are no better than its (defunct) predecessor ‘Yuri Shimai’ (which also featured other types of manga), but it has been three years since the yuri genre emerged and sales are stable. Yuri comics can survive as a standalone genre, so we decided to create a magazine with yuri stories only,” Seitaro Nakamura, editor in chief of Comic Yuri Hime, tells Cyzo.

Even though more and more manga stores are setting aside corners devoted to the women’s love genre, it still may not be the dominant market force some expect it to be. Nakamura says the future success of yuri depends on how well its stories of romantic romps between girls can attract male readers.

“It hinges on whether we can come up with another “Maria Sama ga Miteiru” (a tale of lovers at a girl’s school where a student has visions of the Virgin Mary). That was famous because a lot of guys read it. Our magazine’s readership is actually 30 percent male,” Nakamura tells Cyzo.

“Women are said to be so into Boy’s Love comics because they’re stories of romance between men in relationships of equality. In this day and age where women are probably the stronger sex, I think there are a lot of guys who have doubts about society’s requirement for them to be manly. I think maybe these guys get some sort of therapeutic healing from the world of yuri, where they can look into the fantasy world of equal standing love between two women.” (By Ryann Connell)

So any thoughts?



I’ve been looking at a lot of cosplay pictures lately and thought that these ones of Saya from Blood+ where fantastic!


I love how she pulled it off, it’s excellent!

I found another two which from Melancoly of Haruhi Suzumiya which were just so good as well.




Although Its probably a bit late, I’ve recently found out about Vocaloid Hatsune Miku!
I saw a picture of her somewhere, then later saw her on Danny-choo where i decided to look her up.
And discovered that she wasn’t in an anime, shes in Vocaloid an Japanese Voice program that you can make your own songs, or just give her the lyrics and she’ll sing them, although theres a lot more to the program then that.

Anyhow, today on Anime-planet after i got rainmeter, and low and behold theres a skin with Miku on it, I decided to do more research, and find pictures to my new obsession to make wallpapers and what not.

I also found a little Miku clock that sings, I would put it up, but wordpress doesnt let certain types of html because people get naughty 😦 which even had me thinking of switching to Blogspot so i could use it… sad i know but I’m used to this and find it much better, minus the html glitch.

During my picture hunt of course i found some Figures on various blogs, websites etc.

02.jpg 12.jpg
hatsunemiku3.jpg 10.jpg

These are just some of the figures I found, and it’s probably not healthy that one of my thoughts were I would do anything to get one of those…. but then again, there are so many hardcore fanboys, and fangirls out there who would ridiculous things to get their hands on merchandise, and although i said i would do.. anything i dont think i would do Anything!

lol, I don’t think I’m making much sense too myself anymore.

Anyhow I got some nice pictures, which I’ll probably make some wallpapers tomorrow if i get around to it.


Shugo Chara episode 16


Shugo Chara is a cute anime, its nice and refreshing, its funny and always manages to put a smile on my face. The above picture is my favourite screenshot of Ikuto I took in episode 14 or 15 I’m not sure, but thought i would share it – click to enlarge. Also, Amu would have to be one of the only characters I know that can pull off pink hair, I’m not a fan of pink hair, as I’m not that fond of Pink, but Amu does it well.

Anyway for all who don’t know about Shugo Chara heres a summary:
Amu Hinamori is a student at Seiyo Elementary, where she has a reputation for being cool and stylish. Amu’s real personality in contrast is very shy, and one night she makes a wish that she would have the courage to show be her “true” self. The next morning Amu finds three brightly colored eggs, each one eventually hatching into a Guardian Character. Guardian Characters are angel-like beings that are able to give Amu a temporary change in personality. With the Guardian Characters Amu’s life becomes much more complex as she now struggles to deal with her new personalities, and the Seiyo Elementary Guardians – a student council group where each member owns their own Guardian Character.

Episode 16 was of course hilarious, as to be expected, but alas no Ikuto this time 😦
Anyway, It started off with a Amu, sitting at home with her family watching a magic show on tv.


As always she is pretending to not be interested and be laid-back and very cool.
but after a while she is as much amazed with the show as Ami is.

Utau was staring in the show with Zero, and she told him that she was disapointed that his magic was fake, now I just figured out that the screenshot that i thought i took of zero, i didnt 😦
The next day when Amu goes to school determined to talk to the others about how she thinks Mr Nikaidou is behind the apearences of the X eggs, but is distracted by Zero himself being in the Guardians garden.


But after a while once again an egg went bad, and I’m glad to say that Amu didn’t do her transformation with Ran! but with Miki, which would have to be my favourite transformation.. sue me i like the outfit the best lol.

One of my favourite screenshots of this episode, egg goes bad and attacks, but Amu dodges with grace.

Here are some pictures of the episode.

ep16-charachange.jpg ep16-amuroom.jpg
ep16-hinamori.jpg ep16-utau.jpg
ep16-wink.jpg ep16-zero.jpg
ep-16.jpg ep-16ranmikisu.jpg

All in all it was a good episode, of course i would like to have more of Ikuto shown, but of course he wouldnt be a mystery if he popped up in every episode. At the end, it left us all with the thought, what wil Evil Mr Nikaidou do next?